This doesn't have to be your new normal

Let’s face it, after experiencing natural childbirth, you may notice residual side effects such as vaginal looseness, urinary leakage, and recurring urinary tract infections.

While simple kegel exercise can lessen these symptoms to an extent, they won’t restore your vagina to younger days. Our FemiLift laser treatment rejuvenates the vaginal walls which result in tightening without surgery!

FemiLift is the perfect procedure for the mom on the go. Each treatment takes less than 15 minutes and requires no downtime. So you can pick up your kids from school or go back to work the same day.

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Why FemiLift is right for you

Lessens menopausal symptoms

Halt any residual vaginal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, caused by breast cancer and chemotherapy treatments

Improves sexual satisfaction

Reduce pain and discomfort during intercourse through increased natural lubrication

Non hormonal

The perfect alternative to estrogen-based vaginal treatments

Curbs urinary leakage

Experience increased bladder control and eliminate the spontaneously urgent need to use the bathroom

Ob/Gyn professionals

No post-procedure worries or complications after our thorough screenings

No pain

Comparable to routine pelvic exams

Reduce your symptoms

A safe and long term solution for urinary leakage

Increases bladder control

Experience increased bladder control and eliminate the urgent need to use the bathroom

A solution made just for you

Our medical expertise allows for the specialized use of the FemiLift vaginal laser to solve your individual concerns

Top-class medical staff

Our OBGYN professionals ensure that you’re treated with the highest medical care