What Our Patients Are Saying

The procedure was super easy – not painful, not scary. I noticed improved lubrication and heightened sensitivity. My spouse remarked that he definitely noticed increased vaginal tone!

SC, Age 44
Breast Cancer Survivor

What Our Patients Are Saying

My sexual experience is much more pleasant and enjoyable. I’ve noticed less inner friction and a natural smoothness I haven’t experienced for years. I credit this to the increased natural lubrication encouraged by my FemiLift procedure. My husband even noticed the tone was noticeably different… for the better. Plus, I can run, jump, and even sneeze with confidence again!

LN, Age 45
Mother of 3

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The game changer for breast cancer survivors.

The game changer for breast cancer survivors.

When it comes to breast cancer, most discussions naturally focus on completing cancer treatments. However, we’re here to talk about what happens next.

After successfully completing breast cancer treatment, you might find your initial relief quickly followed by residual symptoms caused by treatments . Many symptoms may be menopause-related, such as recurring urinary infections, vaginal dryness and looseness, and painful intercourse.

FemiLift is a safe, non-hormonal solution for breast cancer survivors. This is helping survivors not only regain feeling and satisfaction, but their quality of life back.

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Why FemiLift is right for you

Lessens menopausal symptoms

Halt any residual vaginal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, caused by breast cancer and chemotherapy treatments

Improves sexual satisfaction

Reduce pain and discomfort during intercourse through increased natural lubrication

Non hormonal

The perfect alternative to estrogen-based vaginal treatments

Curbs urinary leakage

Experience increased bladder control and eliminate the spontaneously urgent need to use the bathroom

Ob/Gyn professionals

No post-procedure worries or complications after our thorough screenings

No pain

Comparable to routine pelvic exams

Dr. Kelly Anne McCullagh has been a longtime ally with the breast cancer community in Katy. From leading discussion panels to perfecting medical procedures such as FemiLift, Dr. McCullagh dedicates her career to uplifting women currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer as well as breast cancer survivors.